Shadows Over Carlisle

An ''Ars Magica'' Scenario for 5 players by Lloyd Graney

For 5 magi, 40-50 years out of Gauntlet.

This year I am running a game set in the areas around York and Carlisle with the magi coming to the aid of the Lord of Carlisle through the means of a very unusual messenger. It will be the next chapter of the game I ran at the last Grand Tribunal in Cheltenham (although knowledge of that game is not a pre-requsite to playing in this one).

Note a little word about my Gm'ing style

As a GM you normally come up with a plot and think of all the ways the players can go through the story. You normally come up with paths a, b, c and possibly d. The Sunday group here in Cheltenham normally starts at z, then they get creative! As a result my Gm'ing style has changed as a result. I normally run a lot by the seat of my pants, in particularly the non hermetic magic systems I have come up with for this game are my own and not based on anything in the published line.

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