Note: while a few games have been advertised well in advance and have people signed up for them, other games will be running all weekend, as well as a boardgames room for people who want to play something other than an rpg. Do not panic if you do not get round to signing up for a game, there is always loads to do and no one is left bored!

Friday 17th August 2012 [Edit]

*Afternoon cafes & gardens: 2pm onwards

If you arrive really, really early, a few of us might be mooching around the posh tea shops and cafes of Montpellier and Suffolk Square in the afternoon - or lazing around Montpellier Gardens if it's sunny. Contact Andrew Oakley to find out exactly where and when. Google Map of Montpellier or look for "Montpellier" at the bottom of the pedestrian map.

*Evening meal: 7pm

The first official event is to meet at Happy Garden Chinese restaurant for meal at 7pm (attendance optional).
Happy Garden Chinese Take Away Cheltenham, Restaurant
327-329 High Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 3HS
01242 690 698
Google Maps ; Pedestrian map

High Street end of Normal Terrace. Relatively inexpensive, very good quality.

*Pub: 9pm

From 9pm we will be at The Fiery Angel function room. This is up a flight of stairs at the rear of the building (please inform CJ now if stairs are an issue, as mobility issues are something I am acutely aware of and I will need to change venue if this represents a problem). Ask at bar for directions to room.
The Fiery Angel
83, Hewlett Rd,
GL52 6AJ
Yahoo Maps
Pedestrian map

This space is suitable for gaming. The room is just for our use.

Saturday 18th August 2012 [Edit]


10AM The venue opens. The day is divided in to six "sessions" to help schedule games etc. Some will take more than one session. A dedicated room for board and card games will be available all day as well, but these games do not need signing up for in advance.

Limited tea, coffee and squash will be available, and you can order an evening meal. Please bring your own lunch.

*Session 1: 10AM-11AM Workshops, seminars, discussions.

  • Opens with message from the Line Editor David Chart revealing a number of forthcoming books for the first time – and a great many secrets! This session is only an hour, but includes
  • The Verditius Contest – any magic item used to improve the character's social life, made with only six pawns of vis. Yes, come up with the most interesting lesser enchanted device you can on a budget and the most elegant and economical design wins. A fun exercise for people who like the design rules for magic items. Full details will be provided on sheets of paper on the day, then you all sit round a table and work on your design. Best wins a prize to be awarded later!
  • The Authors Panel – the writers of various Ars books talk about their work, and recent and forthcoming books (with line editors consent) at the Tribunal. This years includes Neil Taylor, Sheila Thomas and CJ if he can remember what he wrote on.
  • Boardgames Corner - Becky Smith will be running the boardgames room all weekend, so you get a chance to play a number of fun boardgames, and this hour slot might be a good time to fit one in! Cults Across America anyone?

Session 2: 11AM – 2.30pm

  • A Freeform (non-contact) Ars Magica game occurs – Tribunal of the Borders by Mark Steedman – attendance is optional but encouraged. People are encouraged to dress up and will receive a character sheet with details of their character, and scheme and plot to achieve their personal goals.
  • Other games WILL be played in this time for anyone who really will not play.
  • If you want an evening meal, please pay Andrew Oakley by 2:30pm and make sure you keep your receipt. Menu is:
    • Small fish & chips - £4
    • Saveloy & chips - £3
    • Chips only - £1.50
    • Food will be delivered for session 5 at 7:30pm.

Session 3: 2.30-4.30pm

  • To Strive... by Nathan Hook. A classic 7 player FREEFORM Ars Magica game that has been run twice before at Grand Tribunal, offered again for those who have never played it! GM: Sheila Thomas

Session 4: 4.30pm-7.30pm

Session 5: 7.30pm - 8pm Evening meal and Charity Raffle

  • If you paid for food earlier in the day, and kept your receipt, it should be available at the start of this session.
  • Nearby take-aways are marked on the schematic map; drive-through McDonalds and drive-through KFC about one mile north-west on Tewkesbury Road (follow signs to M5 North; GL51 9DT); various pizza, kebab, chippies and ethnic take-aways quarter of a mile south-east on High Street (GL50 3HT); or you can just nip over the road to Tesco (GL51 8JQ).

Session 6: From 8pm to close is the longest gaming slot of the day. So far on offer here are –


Sunday 19th August [Edit]

At Gas Green from 9am to 4pm.

If not breakfasting at hotel, meet at 9am at the 99p for everything Bon Appetit 99 cafe on the High Street. This place is is a real bargain - see local newspaper article.

After breakfast, if anyone wants details of local churches just ask CJ. Our hosts, the Baptists, hold a service next door to the venue which a few of us might attend.

  • Lost in the Wash - CJ I guess most of us know the story of how Bad King John lost the Crown Jewels in The Wash in 1216: but what really happened that day? An Ars Magica scenario for 5-8 players that allows you to find out what really happened!
  • Adventures with Amazons - Tom Nowell runs a game where you get the chance to play Amazons' straight from Rival Magics. Ars Magica from a very different perspective!

This is a great opportunity to play games (especially boardgames), catch a long session of a game you really wanted to play but missed, or just say your goodbyes, and then participate in the great clean up.