Lost in the Wash

"Lost in The Wash" is a shortish (3-4 hours) Ars Magica tabletop adventure written specifically by CJ for the con. King John has been fighting the barons revolt and French invasion, but while raiding East Anglia he is taken ill at Bishop's Lynn (today King's Lynn) and realising his enemies are closing in sets off on a three day journey across North Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire through The Fens to Newark castle, travelling light with just a small retinue and the Crown Jewels.

The roles available are


I can run the game with up to 9 players. It is planned to run it from 10am to around 2pm on the Sunday, but it may well be shorter. If interested let me know earlier by emailing me on chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com or on the Grand Tribunal mailing list so I can send you the character.

There is a background file on recent events here but there is no need to memorise, understand it all or commit it to memory. It's just background!