Lloyd Graney

Lloyd is a self confessed RPG geek and occasional computer repair man lives in Cheltenham and has been role playing gaming for 10 years.

He first got dragged along to a interesting World of Darkness crossover game and pretty much straight away he was hooked. He has played everything from Runequest to Cyberpunk 2020 and everything in between. His favourite games are Ars Magica, Cyberpunk, Star Wars, Call Of Cthulhu (the C23 Larp being a shining example) and Dark Heresy. He is also being amused by AD&D 2nd Edition (ironically one of the most recent games he was tried).

His interest in Ars Magica was prompted by an invite to the long running Antiqua Natura 4th edition campaign. He has play tested many of the 5th edition rulebooks and would like to apologise to for his group breaking the game system so many times.