Charity Raffle

Every year we hold a raffle to benefit national and one local charity. Our local charity this year is again our venue, the Gas Green Community Centre which does good work providing space for various community groups and local bands in St. Peter's Cheltenham.

Prizes from our Sponsors! [Edit]

This year Atlas Games have once again sent magical devices to be added to the raffle prizes,including some wonderful and unique Fourth Ed artwork, complete with certificates of authenticity, and various other things I have not looked at because I don't want to damage them!

On top of this there is ONE limited edition (one of a print run of twenty, yes twenty!) special printings of the new Apprentices book. This will clearly be a collectors item in years to come. Thanks to Atlas for sharing this with us!

On top of that there is a set of print copies (again rarities!) of SUB ROSA the Ars Magica magazine that Mark Lawford sent us for the raffle, as he won't be able to join us this year. He sent more copies too, which will be sold in the same cause, but I expect they will sell out quickly! If you don't subscribe to Sub Rosa the quarterly Ars Magica Magazine, you really should –

I also understand Angela Taylor whose work adorns many of the Ars Magica books has once again donated some art. This is always the first thing to go, and deservedly very popular indeed. I hope I have this right, because if correct it's lovely!

Prizes from Delegates [Edit]

Every year we ask the delegates to bring along some item of interest to gamers to give away in the raffle. In the past we have had Norwegian sausages, copies of Ars 5th books signed by the authors, wands and larp gear, other rpg stuff we no longer need, board and card games, books and art works. In fact even sweets and fruit have been donated.

How the Raffle Works [Edit]

In essence, we sell tickets at a pound each. We hope you will buy many! Then they are out in a bag, and drawn: whoever gets the first winning ticket gets the first prize choice, and then draws another ticket, and that person gets to choose one of the prizes, and so on for ages until all the lovely goods have gone.