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Grand Tribunal 2013 [Edit]

The website for Grand Tribunal UK 2013 is now available:

Grand Tribunal 2012 [Edit]

Grand Tribunal 2012 was a role playing game convention for players of the Ars Magica roleplaying game, published by Atlas Games, and other fine games by the same company.

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This year it took place in Cheltenham, England, from Friday August 17th to Sunday August 19th 2012. [Edit]

This was the sixth UK Grand Tribunal, following Cheltenham (2007), Cheltenham (2008) and Cambridge (2009), Cheltenham (2010)and last year in Cambridge again. This year it occured two weeks after the American Grand Tribunal at Lake Tahoe - http://us.grandtribunal.net/


Angela Taylor's beautiful art for Grand Tribunal 2008

A small friendly RPG event, we pride ourselves in providing a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for fellow gamers, whatever their level of knowledge of Ars Magica and RPGs generally. If you enjoy games, even if you have never played or even heard of Ars Magica before, you will find a fun friendly weekend with lots of enthusiastic gamers!

If you are looking for the Programme it is here.


Woodcut made by Mark Shirley for the first ever Grand Tribunal in 2007.


Rules & Code of Conduct [Edit]

We have never had any problems I am aware of at Grand Tribunal, but a few rules.

1. Please have a wonderful time
2. Please help others have a wonderful time.
3. Please be aware that any damage to the venues or property of others is the responsibility of the person causing the damage. Grand Tribunal can not be held responsible for your actions.
4. Please don't molest the fae! Unless they ask you to...
5. Interfering with Mundanes is right out...
6. Please do not hide in the Norwegian's luggage to get back to Norway! (You know who you are, Lisa).
7. We now have a Harassment Policy. I hope it's unecessary, but here it is in full...

Harassment, be it racial, sexual, disability based, inappropriate touching, aggressive behaviour or anything that causes others discomfort to others - simple bullying is definitely included - are not part of Grand Tribunal, and they won't be.

If a delegate makes you uncomfortable in any way then let them know (if possible to do so) why and how. Usually if you explain the problem the person concerned will apologize, be mildly embarrassed and stop doing whatever the annoyance is. It can end there, and hopefully all will be well.

If you feel you can not address the issue this way, you need to tell someone, and that someone is usually me (CJ). Now if I am the one causing you the problem, then go straight to Neil Taylor or Sheila Thomas. (THESE POLICIES APPLY AS MUCH TO CHELTENHAM FOLK AS OTHER DELEGATES, AND THAT INCLUDES ME). I trust Neil and Sheila to deal with these things. We can then have a quiet word with the person, and if need be ask them to moderate their behaviour or leave.

Any person who harasses another will not be welcome at future GT's, and while words said in jest or playful messing about can be taken the wrong way, we all want to enjoy a friendly, happy and fun convention. I don't think we need this policy - in seven years it has never once been a problem - and I hope we never need to use it, but just to make absolutely clear - we are adults, and we expect decent, civilized behaviour.

I can NOT imagine this will ever be needed: but I want to do all I can to make everyone feel safe and secure and have an amazing time. If you have any suggestions or improvements feel free to respond to the list, or email me off list at chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com

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