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Andrew Oakley has been playing RPGs since childhood in the 1970s with D&D 2nd Edition. He usually prefers systems with light rules but thinks that the rich backstory of Ars Magica, plus its unique and highly flexible spellcasting system, is well worth making an exception for.

He lives on the outskirts of Tewkesbury about 15 minutes' drive from Grand Tribunal's Gas Green Cheltenham venue, with his wife, primary-age daughter and two goblins... er, twin toddlers.

Andrew works as a Software Development Manager for a government agency in Cheltenham (no, not ''that'' one, and yes, he is allowed to talk about it). His other interests include Linux, electronic music and getting an unbroken night's sleep, uninterrupted by goblin visitations.

Stationery and other supplies for Grand Tribunal 2012 will be organised by Andrew. He also happens to drive a car and is happy to be an emergency contact for the weekend on his mobile 07711 891061 (international +44-7711-891061 ).

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